Nitrazepam 5 mg (Indian)


Nitrazepam tablets belong to the benzodiazepine group of medications and are used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. This medication shortens the time it takes to fall asleep, prevents frequent awakening during the night and waking too early in the morning. Insomnia can have a negative impact on almost every daytime task as it significantly impairs cognitive functioning and so nitrazepam is an effective way to treat this distressing and disabling condition.


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Nitrazepam 10mg: Product Description

What Are Nitrazepam Tablets Used for?

Within the drugs to combat insomnia, benzodiazepine derivatives, such as Nitrazepam, tend to lead the sales lists for their effectiveness and their powerful consideration within the market. Currently, more than half of insomniacs take it.

What is nitrazepam?

The compound of these medicines is known as Nitrazepam. However, in its generic form, this substance is sold under the names of Mogadon or Alodorm, among others. It all depends on the provider. In the case of Simply Sleeping Pills, an online pharmacy that works with medications to treat insomnia and other diseases caused in the nervous system, it markets directly with its chemical name, Nitrazepam.

Medication effects

As a psychotropic, this medication induces sleep through receptors that calm the nervous system. Specifically, it focuses on GABA receptors. A dose of 10 mg per night is sufficient for the average person, guaranteeing at least 7 hours of continuous sleep.

However, this class of medications requires their respective precautions; and customers, as patients, should consider them before buying the drug.


The first thing to review is the allergies to the compound. Since the page sells this medication without seal, you can review the extended ingredient list along with the rest of the information. Likewise, patients with respiratory conditions, more specifically, asthmatic people should take special care.

Nor can pregnant women or pregnant women drink Nitrazepam. If you need it, you should check with your GP. The same with patients diagnosed with apnea, kidney disease, hepatitis, or neuromuscular diseases, such as myasthenia.

What is the recommended dosage?

As far as dosage is concerned – that is, the dose – it is recommended to take a 10-milligram tablet thirty minutes before bedtime and seven or eight hours before waking up. As a preventive measure, people should avoid making anaerobic efforts once the dose is taken.

When Nitrazepam begins to take effect, the first reaction that the patient will notice is numbness in the nervous system and a partial inhibition in the basic senses.

Simply Sleeping Pills specialists, although they recommend the compound to treat acute insomnia, also emphasize stopping the intake if the disease lasts more than four weeks, this of course to avoid dependencies, if the dose is required for a longer period, you should be assisted by a doctor.

Collateral reactions

Those who ingest Nitrazepam should also cope with the side reactions of the medication. When the first doses are ingested, it is normal for them to be drowsy and disoriented. Some people experience dry lips, dizziness, and clumsiness in daily activities, as well as a slight sensitivity to incandescent lights.

Other adverse effects that Simply Sleeping Pills dictates, especially when exceeding the dose of Nitrazepam, include the states of sudden irritability and hyperactivity, as well as a state of constant agitation and anxiety. If this condition is too frequent and potent, the patient must stop the consumption of the compound.

Where to buy it?

Although this medicine is perfectly stocked in pharmacies inside and outside the United Kingdom, it necessarily requires a prescription. Simply Sleeping Pills distributed it without seal or prescription, at lower prices and framed in the health permits required by the government entity.

To access the medication, you only need to enter the website and buy the drug. Shipping usually takes between 48 and 72 hours.

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