When purchasing any product on this website, your name will not appear reflected on your credit card. On the contrary, the name of a generic company without specification will be reflected; so that no one can detect the order you have placed.

Each of the purchases will be placed in light brown padded envelopes very discreet, so no one will notice what is inside. Read carefully the privacy policy used by Insomnia Helpers.

  1. How your information is used

All data collected from customers are used by the Data Protection Law issued in 1998, which clarifies that they are used as follows:

1.1 For order processing and shipping to the correct address.

1.2 In case there is a case of fraud or some other problem of insecurity.

1.3 To keep track of repeated orders and make inquiries related to existing orders.

  1. Type of information collected

This website collects the following information:

2.1 Personal information such as names, surnames, email address, and your payment card details.

2.2 Data needed to manage the site efficiently. These data are used through the use of cookies to remember your browsing frequency and the information that has been previously entered. Cookies are small data that are recorded on your computer and are used on most websites, although they can be disabled by making a configuration from your browser.

2.3 Your IP address is also registered as a security method. With this record, you can measure the number of individual visits to this site from different computers. Each of the data that is collected on this website is protected by 128-bit encryption, so you do not have to worry about your data being disclosed.

  1. As for the other websites

3.1 This privacy policy only applies to this website. Each website has its privacy policy, so a site linked to it may differ in terms of these terms.

  1. You must know in detail what your rights are

4.1 If you have any questions about medications, your purchases, or if you wish to place a new order, through the “contact us” page, we will gladly assist you. The customer support technical support will be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so, at the time, you decide you can make your purchases or make any consultation without any inconvenience.

Many times, people do not trust shopping online because they fear that their personal information will be disclosed in other malicious sites. Rest assured that on this website, your purchase will be a great experience. The most important thing about this website is that it makes each of its shipments discreetly, so no one will notice that it contains the package that arrives at the door of your house.

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